On This Day…..

The Brady Bunch…..

September 26, 1969……

The Brady Bunch debuts on ABC.
The series features a married couple with their blended family of three boys, three girls, and a live in housekeeper. While the show was not a ratings hit or a critical success and didn’t win any major awards during its original run, it has since become a popular syndicated staple. While father Mike Brady was a widower, mother Carol Brady’s previous marital status was never revealed during the regular run of the show. Creator Sherwood Schwartz wanted to make her a divorcee, but the network wouldn’t allow it. However, in the Brady Bunch movie A Very Brady Sequel, Carol does reveal that her first husband was a professor who was lost on a boat. To which the character Dr. Whitehead, replies, “and my son Gilligan was first mate on that boat.”