Audio: Dan Gaffney talks about collecting unpaid Sussex County taxes

Sussex County Councilman Mark Schaeffer has uncovered millions of dollars in unpaid taxes. Dan Gaffney explains the situation in this 7 minute audio clip. Councilman Schaeffer says, “I believe that Sussex County should collect real estate taxes and utility bills when they are due. It is not appropriate or equitable for law abiding citizens who pay their taxes and utility fees to have to subsidize those who don’t follow the law.””I also believe now is the time for County Council to seriously consider giving the law abiding citizens of Sussex County a reduction in their tax rate.””The fact that taxes and utility bills are not being collected is not the fault of the hardworking staff of the county. The staff works for and are directed by the Council and the County Council is solely responsible for the lack of collection.”Why past Councils have let this issue get out of hand is a story worth investigating.