This Weekend In History…

November 19, 1956
Ford announces the name of its upcoming radical new automobile, the Edsel. Three years later on this day in 1959,
the Edsel automobile is discontinued by Ford. With fewer than 100,000 sold since its introduction, it is one of the most famous examples of bureaucratic failures in U.S. industry.

November 20, 1998

The first piece of the International Space Station (ISS) is launched. It was the first part of what would become the largest man-made object to orbit the Earth and is expected to operate until 2028.

November 21, 1980

78 million people watch Dallas to find out Kristin shot J.R., making this the highest-rated TV episode to date.
Kristin was J.R.’s scheming sister-in-law and mistress who shot him in a fit of anger. J.R. did not press charges, as Kristin claimed she was pregnant with his child.