Audio: Parents allege in-school offensive touching and lack of accountability

Dan Gaffney interviews parents Wendy and Berley Mears who allege a substitute teacher was “grooming” their daughter and other children in a local school. Claiming “offensive touching” the couple want more accountability and tracking of suspected offenders in our schools. Wendy Mears recently spoke publicly about this issue at the Georgetown Town Council meeting. 22…

Audio: An interesting raffle for a local sports team

When Dan heard some people were upset at a gun raffle to benefit the Delaware Spartans U13 travel baseball team, he wanted to help, so Frank Payton called to tell him how to have a chance at winning the guns! Listen to hear how to buy tickets! 5 minutes (Excerpt from the Dan Gaffney Show,…

Audio: Dan Gaffney gives an update on a “missing man”.

The story of a “missing man”, Woody Dickerson, has taken a strange turn as Dan Gaffney explains in this UPDATE segment from the show. 30 minutes. (The Dan Gaffney Show explores topics of interest, both local and national, with live callers from everywhere. Weekday mornings 530am – 900am on Delaware 105.9 FM)   

Audio: Councilman Conflict

Tensions and disagreements between Sussex Councilmen Mark Schaeffer and Doug Hudson go public on the radio when both call the Dan Gaffney Show. An ongoing issue involving the reinstatement of the accommodations tax is at the core of this. 20 minutes (The Dan Gaffney Show discusses items of local and national interest with live phone…