This Weekend In History…

Marvin Gaye Killed By His Father

April 1, 1984

The Grammy-winning Motown singer Marvin Gaye is shot and killed by his father on the day before his birthday. Marvin and his father became involved in a physical altercation after Marvin intervened in a fight between his parents. This was one day before his birthday.


April 2, 1978

The long-running primetime soap opera Dallas debuts on CBS. The show was famous for its season-ending cliffhangers, including the “Who Shot J.R.?” mystery. It was originally intended as a five-part miniseries, however, due to its popularity, it was turned into a regular series and lasted until 1991.

Clinton Cover Up Murder?

April 3, 1996

U.S. President Bill Clinton‘s Commerce Secretary Ron Brown is killed when his U.S. Air Force jet crashes into a mountainside during an attempted instrument approach to Dubrovnik, Croatia, while on an official trade mission. Brown was under investigation for corruption and was preparing to negotiate plea bargains implicating Clinton, prompting suspicions the crash was a cover up, but there is no direct evidence to support these allegations. He had stated he would not go to jail alone. Everyone on board died from the crash.