This Weekend In History…

The Hindenburg Disaster – “Oh, the Humanity!”

May 6, 1937

The Hindenburg Disaster – “Oh, the Humanity!” News reporter Herbert Morrison makes his famous proclamation, “Oh, the Humanity!” as he witnesses the disaster unfolding. The giant airship Hindenburg explodes and burns killing 36 people while preparing to land at Lakehurst, New Jersey. The exact cause of the fire has never been determined, but theories range from a hydrogen leak, sabotage from either crew or passengers, static electricity, and a flammable coating on the skin of the craft. This disaster marked the end of the airship era.

World War II – Germany Surrenders

May 7, 1945

Germany surrenders ending the war in Europe. All military action was to stop at midnight.

Dana Plato Dies of Overdose

May 8, 1999

Thirty-four-year-old former American child actress Dana Plato, feeling unwell, takes a several doses of the painkiller Lortab, along with the muscle-relaxant Soma, dying shortly after from the lethal combination. Her death was ruled a suicide based on Plato’s long history of drug abuse.
Although she had a history of drug abuse, the previous day, Plato did an interview on The Howard Stern Show in which she claimed to be sober and drug free for the past 10 years, with the exception of pain killers prescribed for the recent extraction of her wisdom teeth.
Plato starred as Kimberly Drummond in the TV show Diff’rent Strokes (1978-86).
In 1991 she robbed a video store with a pellet gun.