This Weekend In History…

First American to Walk in Space

June 3, 1965

Edward White goes for walk outside of Gemini 4. His walk lasted for 23 minutes. He died the in the 1967 Apollo 1 disaster, making him and the crew the first American astronauts to die in a spacecraft.

World War II – Battle of Midway

June 4, 1942

The Battle of Midway begins. It would be Japan’s first major defeat of the war. The United States scored a major defeat against the attacking Japanese fleet near Midway Atoll, inflicting severe damage to the Japanese. All four of Japan’s large aircraft carriers and a heavy cruiser were sunk, while the U.S. lost only the carrier USS Yorktown and a destroyer. This is considered a major turning point in the war.

Robert F. Kennedy Shot

June 5, 1968

24-year-old Palestinian Sirhan Bishara Sirhan shoots Robert F. Kennedy three times. Kennedy died the following day. Five other people were wounded. Kennedy had just won the California primary. After addressing his supporters at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, California, he was leaving the hotel kitchen when Sirhan approached and began firing. He had been advised by his bodyguard to avoid the kitchen.