This Weekend In History…

Declaration of Independence

July 8, 1776

The first public reading of the U.S. Declaration of Independence is given.

Lawyer Falls to Death Testing Window

July 9, 1993

Canadian Darwin Award winner. Garry Hoy liked to demonstrate the tensile strength of his building’s windows by running up against them and bouncing off – A stunt he had performed numerous times. However, on this fateful day, the window glass popped out of the frame and Hoy plummeted to his death from the 24th story of the Toronto Dominion Bank Tower, earning him a Darwin Award (1996). His unusual death has been featured on the TV shows Myth Busters and 1,000 Ways to Die, and the movie The Darwin Awards.

New Coke

July 10, 1985

After much public outcry and poor sales, Coca-Cola announces it is bringing back its original formula and calling it “Coca-Cola Classic.” The Coke flavor had been changed to New Coke less than three months earlier.