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Future President Kills Man in Duel…..

May 30, 1806…..

Future U.S. President Andrew Jackson kills Charles Dickinson in a duel. The dispute was over a horse race between Jackson and Dickinson’s father-in-law Joseph Erwin. Erwin’s horse was unable to race and according to the terms of the bet, Erwin was required to pay a forfeiture of $800. There was a disagreement about the payment that escalated into name calling being published in the local papers. Finally, a duel was called to settle the dispute. Jackson, knowing that Dickinson was an expert marksman, chose to stand still allowing Dickinson the first shot hoping that in his haste he would miss. Jackson, standing sideways, was struck in the chest inches from his heart breaking several ribs. As per dueling rules of the day, Dickinson stood still while Jackson took aim and shot him in the chest. Dickinson bled to death and Jackson carried the bullet in his chest for the rest of his life. This was Jackson’s third known duel.