This Weekend In History…

Coldest Recorded Day…..

July 21, 1983…..

-128.6° F (-89° C) in Vostok, Antarctica

Jeffrey Dahmer Caught…..

July 22, 1991……

Milwaukee police find human body parts in Jeffrey Dahmer‘s apartment. Earlier that day, Dahmer offered a man $100 to pose for nude photographs. After entering Dahmer’s apartment, Dahmer attempted to handcuff the man and attacked him with a knife saying he planned to eat his heart. The man managed to escape with one wrist handcuffed and flagged down police officers. When they went into the apartment to get the handcuff key they found Polaroid pictures of human bodies in various stages of dismemberment. A further search of the apartment found four severed human heads in the kitchen, two human hearts and other body parts in the refrigerator – and more body parts in the freezer. Scattered throughout the apartment were two complete skeletons and numerous skulls and bones. The following day he would confess to having murdered 16 young men in Wisconsin since 1987, and another victim killed in Ohio in 1978. In 1994, Dahmer was beaten to death in prison.

Royal Wedding…..

July 23, 1986…..

Prince Andrew marries Sarah “Fergie” Ferguson, the Duchess of York, at London’s Westminster Abbey. They would divorce 10 years later.