This Weekend In History…..

Six Million Dollar Crash…..

May 10, 1967……

A NASA astronaut crashes during a test flight. The footage of the crash was used in opening credits for the TV show The Six Million Dollar Man (1974-78). NASA astronaut Bruce Peterson had crashed during the landing of a Northrop M2-F2, hitting the ground at approximately 250 mph (402 km/h) and tumbling six times. Peterson survived the crash, but required extensive hospital care, losing eyesight in one eye due to a secondary infection while in the hospital. The TV show The Six Million Dollar Man subsequently used the footage of his crash in the opening credits of the show. Peterson was reportedly unhappy to have the footage shown over and over again.


May 11, 1858…..

Minnesota becomes the 32nd state.

Lindbergh Kidnapping…..

May 12, 1932…..

Charles Lindbergh‘s 20-month-old son is found dead after having been kidnapped two months earlier. A 50,000 ransom had been paid the previous month with the promise that the child was safe. Bruno Hauptmann was arrested for the crime in September 1934 after using one of the ransom money bills at a gas station. $14,600 of the $50,000 of ransom money was found in his garage. Hauptmann claimed the money was left with him by his former business partner who returned to Germany, where he died March 29, 1934. A search of Hauptmann’s home found further evidence linked to the crime. Hauptmann was found guilty of first degree murder and executed by electric chair in 1936. He claimed his innocence to the end, and turned down a last-minute offer to commute his sentence to life-without-parole in exchange for a confession.