97.1 The Wave Air Staff

Dana McDonald
Monday-Friday: 5:30am-10am

I grew up in Salisbury and started my radio “career” at Salisbury State College in the early 80’s. After graduation, it was on to WQHQ – (Q-105 through 1989 and then on to historic Fredericksburg, VA – B-101.5 from 1989 to 1993. After that I packed up my Ikea chair, Jimmy Buffett and RUSH albums and made the move to WSTW in Wilmington DE where I worked for 17 years and then in late 2010 I made the move to Cool 101.3 in Milford. Now, in what I consider as a sort of “homecoming”, I’m back at the beach on 97.1 The Wave! When I’m not on the air I am out having fun with my 3 boys or driving my wife crazy with my “amazing” drumming skills!

Alan Craig
Monday-Friday 10am-3pm

Alan was born in California so he’s been living at the beach his entire life! When he was a kid he used to play Elvis records and pretend to be a DJ. Well, some things never change! Alan loves being a part of your day and playing your favorite songs. And when he’s not playing radio, you’ll find him playing sports. Alan’s really, really good at yelling Foreeeee!

Teresa Brown
Monday-Friday: 3pm-8pm

For more than 30 years, Teresa Brown has been heard between the songs on the radio–from Virginia Beach to Las Vegas and some places in between, with husband Jim and three kids. Teresa says “My life is exciting and drama-filled just like yours. Family comes first and then it’s all about having fun. I love stories that make me laugh, smile, and cry. I’m an awful cook, but I love reading, hiking, and attempting DIY crafts. I waste a bit of time on the internet and love a midnight snack. My favorite job is being a Gigi to the grandkids. We just love each other more than anything else.”