Chicken 101.3 Air Staff

Monday-Friday: 5:30am-10am

The Rooster wakes you up every weekday morning on Chicken 1013. He grew up listening to Country music, camping and going to church every week. He’ll do his best to keep you informed and to make you laugh… mostly at the dumb stuff he says or does.

Henny Penny
Monday-Friday: 10am-3pm

I fell completely slam-bam in love with radio when I was about 13. I was always a huge music buff and would spend hours poring over liner notes while listening to albums through headphones. When I was in there by myself, I was totally and completely by myself. As much as I loved my albums, I would invariably get a little lonely until I discovered that all I had to do was turn the turntable off and flip the radio on. And just like that, I was no longer alone… I was hanging out with a friend and listening to music.


Monday-Friday 3pm-7pm

Born and raised in South Dokota, I am no stranger to the country music scene. I have an avid love for the outdoors, hiking, fishing, or a day at the lake. No matter what twists and turns life might throw at me, I awalys bounce back with a positive attitude and remember that there’s nothing that a Beer Can’t Fix. If you’re in the mood to have a good time, come down to the Honkytonk and hang out with a good friend and even better tunes!