Eagle 97.7 Air Staff

Eagle In The Morning with D.B. Nyce

Weekdays 5:30-10 am

My name is D.B. Nyce, but my friends call me D.B. or Deebs or sometimes Deebis! My first radio job was on Eagle 97.7 in Delaware back in 2002. Since then, I have traveled all over the country. I have worked a bunch of stations between Maine down to New Mexico.!

 When I am not in a radio studio, I am in my video studio making content for YouTube. I started a video series called “D.B.’s Arcade,” where I look at all kinds of cool stuff from the 80s, 90s, and 2000s! You should see my office; I collect all sorts of nostalgic memorabilia


So when I am not creating something fun, I am at home doing my other job. It’s my favorite job next to be a radio personality. That is being a dad. I have a son and a very spoiled pup named Chloe. We love getting outside and doing all kinds of stuff when I am at home. But sometimes we will stay in, and I will play some video games with my son. I show him some of the old arcade classics, and he kicks my butt in games like Minecraft and Fortnite.


My journey in radio has taken me to some fantastic places. I have met some neat people along the way too. I never could imagine that my career would bring me back home to Delaware and back to the station where it all began. I am excited to be hosting mornings on Eagle 97.7! My job is to make sure your morning starts off right, and I am good at my job because I love my job!


Thanks for listening! LOVE YA DELMARVA!!

Randi Taylor
Weekdays 10am-3pm

Hi! It’s Randi Taylor, and I am so excited to help you get through the workday by playing your favorite music. I’m totally a self-proclaimed music junkie, and aspire to be on the game show Beat Shazam. When I’m not working with you, I’m on my couch, binge watching my favorite reality TV shows, cuddling my Chihuahua, Remi. Also, the way to my heart is through cake and wine. I’m easy! Wanna know more? Follow me on social! @randiontheradio



Bryan on the Radio
Weekdays 3-7pm

What up?  I’m Bryan and I’ll be doing my best to entertain every weekday afternoon.  Whether it’s wrapping up the work day, driving to the gym, running the kids to practice or meeting the girls for a drink.  If you listen to the show, you’ll hear a bunch of Entertainment news, local stuff and a bunch of stupid that is my everyday life.  Follow along on all socials @bryanontheradio

The Zach Sang Show
Weekdays 7pm-Midnight

Zach Sang Show represents a new generation of radio, connecting to younger listeners who are constantly tuned in to social media. Zach Sang and the Gang is an interactive show featuring the biggest and brightest stars in music, movies, and TV. Zach is joined by Heather and Dan together the dynamic group bring a fresh fun sound to nights.

Tony Zazza
Weekdays Midnight-6am

Hey there, I’m Tony Zazza! I grew up dreaming of being a professional baseball player, police officer or radio personality. Guess what happened! When I’m not playing music for you I’m hanging out with my two dogs (Cooper & Belle) and two cats (Faith & Hill). I also love playing golf, entertaining, yard work, swimming and spending time with family and friends. Plus, I’m a Wine Enthusiast and I love to cook. I’m a huge Gordon Ramsay fan and I make an incredible Beef Wellington!