Eagle 97.7 Air Staff

Your Friend, Rachel in the Morning
Monday-Friday: 5:30am-10am

If I was to describe myself in two words, they would be “Music Enthusiast”. No matter the situation, I can always find a connection to a song, songs, or a particular set of lyrics. But in my spare time, I enjoy getting out and enjoying nature for a nice walk or run in the parks and recreational areas, casual photography, video gaming, and shopping for more pairs of converse than any one person should own. Friends always welcome!



Eagle at Work with Jay Cruze
Monday-Friday: 10am-3pm

I am so excited to help you get through the workday by playing your Hit Music. I wish I could meet each and every one of my listeners. We’d have a blast. Your best friend at work is Eagle 97.7!

Brian Chase
Monday-Friday: 3pm-7pm

When it’s time to get out of work and get on with the rest of your busy life, I will be right there with you… playing the music you love and having a great time. Join me on Eagle 97.7 every weekday afternoon and thanks for listening!